My Story

Nathan and me in Wanaka, New Zealand

Nathan, my husband, and me in Wanaka, New Zealand. January 2012.

Welcome to emma’s JOY!

Thank you for your interest in my blog.

emma’s JOY is a platform to share ideas, inspiration and recipes.

I’m a woman who loves food and cooking, and I have a passion to steer popular ideas about food away from rules and restrictions and the ensuing guilt, and towards using whole, natural, quality ingredients to create food that is tasty and healthful.

In this way we can step out of food anxiety and poor health, and into freedom, health and a joyful vitality. I like to cook with lots of plants, fruits and legumes, along with some grains, dairy and meat, to experiment making tasty meals. I don’t omit any natural food group.

I believe an organic and hands-on approach to food is best. We simply enjoy our food more, and can control its quality and flavour, if we prepare it ourselves! In an effort to limit the amount of toxins, preservatives, additives that our liver has to clean out of our bodies I always opt for the organic or home-grown option where possible. Where not possible, it is better to have vegetables that have had spray on them than to have no vegetables at all; just make sure you wash the vegetables before using them.

My husband and I are currently living in East London for a few years to explore the world and broaden our horizons. We have just spent the last 6 months travelling through India, France and on our bikes throughout Europe. We have now settled down to a more consistent life, albeit on the other side of the world to our hometown, Auckland. We have experienced food and culture in many different countries and it has been a wonderful journey. My mind has been further opened to the diversity and versatility of food and culture in the world.

My hope is to help to bring freedom and joy, using beautiful, natural ingredients, into the area of food and health for my readers. If I can encourage another person to embrace wholesome food, without guilt or rules and restrictions, to find joy and freedom, I am truly blessed.

Have fun cooking!



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